4k H.265 Encoder

4k H.265 Encoder

◆ ultra HD HEVC DVB encoder
◆ 4:2:2 and low-latency encoding
◆ HDMI in with HDMI for backup
◆ HDMI loop out
◆ UHD/4K video encoder

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    With the significant increase in UHD TV hitting the market, Dibsys now is releasing a new professional UHD/4K video encoder for a solution to address the needs of early adopters of the premium TV standard. ENC3511 delivers UHD/4K for an immersive experience with high-resolution and high-framerate.

    The encoder supports 4:2:2 and low-latency encoding; combined with its significant HEVC bitrate savings, content in real-time via HEVC (H.265), today’s most advanced compression standard. It is equipped with a 2 channels HDMI interface (1 channel input with 1 port for backup), which can encode 1 channel UHD/4K video signal.

    The device supports ASI, Gigabit IP input and output, With its wide range of encoding tools, and excellent video quality, HEVC offers incredible compression efficiency, making live UHD/4K delivery available for satellite, cable, terrestrial, fiber networks and digital television broadcasting systems.

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Digital television broadcasting systems

satellite, cable, terrestrial and fiber networks

Remote live Rebroadcasts and real-time transmission

◆Building, campus or metropolitan-area


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